Android app development compnay in India

What are android apps and android app development company in India?

Android being the most famous operating system in the world. So there are various company who are developing app for android. If the whole world have their company in the field of android app development then how India could lag behind, there are many android app development company in India. But before moving to the companies we should learn about the android app development.

The Android app is a software application which runs on the Android platform. Because an Android platform is built for mobile devices, typical Android app is designed for the smartphone or the tablet PC running on the Android OS.

Although the Android app can be made available by a developer through his websites, most of the Android apps are uploaded and published on Android Market, an online store which is dedicated to these applications. The Android Market features both free apps as well as priced apps. The android apps are written in Java programming language and uses the Java core libraries.

As we stated above that there are various companies which work for android app so the android app development company in India also prepare the apps for android like BHIM app, Indian railways and many more.

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