Isabel dos Santos

What is Isabel’s take on young women?

Isabel dos Santos is not only the richest woman in Africa but also a spokesperson of the economist empowerment of African women. She strongly believes in empowering the African women. She has spoken about empowerment of women at various interviews and she has a vision that women who are oppressed or are forced to stay at home and not work for their dreams would take a step for their future. She wants the young women to be able to pursue their ambitions in business.

The stigmatization of women at the workplace or anywhere is solely responsible why women are not able to achieve what they desire and Isabel dos Santos uses her influential personality in a perfect way to take a stand against this behavior of the society. She feels that women and not only in Africa but all over the world have the potential to stand up the neck to neck with men and work just the way men do. All they need is a little encouragement and opportunity and Isabel wants to be that for women especially young women.


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