Isabel dos Santos

How did Isabel dos Santos dealt with Male-Dominated Market?

Isabel dos Santos has been very open about her journey to success which she says was marred by the sexism and she had to endure in the male-dominated African business world. She has been very much vocal about the prejudice and discrimination she had to face based on her gender but it did not stop her from achieving what she wanted to. She has been determined and always focused on what she wants.

Isabel dos Santos has maintained a charitable and hopeful perspective on life and takes on many projects which are subjected to improve small communities and local economies. She calls out to the young entrepreneurs of Africa to give back to their country by investing in projects which are subjected to develop the country for good and not just their resume. She strongly believes that with the support of the young minds, all of them can reach to great heights and is the national economy of Africa to a great height as well. She also believes that there are various businesswomen out there and they should give back to the society which they live in.


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